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25 April 2006 @ 10:57 pm
What was the most valuable aspect of taking this course?

i learned a lot about blogs and the internet that i never knew before. i think im more "educated" as far as weblogs go and what's the "right" way to keep one...esp after reading rebecca blood's book.. i had no idea that there were sort of "unspoken" rules to keeping weblogs.

What was the most interesting thing you learned this semester?

that diaries can actually be phsycholically helpful...which is probably why i'm doing my research project on it but i think it's really cool that it can really help you. before i just thought that it was something people did for fun. i also thought all the books were interesting/funny.. and i also thought it was interesting the different effects you could do with a weblog and how many people actually keep one.

What do you see in the future for your blog? (Will it continue? Will you delete it? etc.)

i honestly probably won't keep one.. i just don't really have time and i feel like i never have anything to say other than what i did all day and eventually that would bore even me. haha
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11 April 2006 @ 09:19 pm
i love april for many reasons... one is because my birthday is april 22 :) and another because easter and it's probably one of my favorite holidays..

but anyways, i woke up the other morning and our window was open and i could hear someone mowing the grass...that's probably my favorite thing about april.. spring really starts.

there are certain sounds and smells that always remind me of home.. and mowing the grass is one of them. every since i can remember my dad has mowed the yard on my birthday...kinda weird, but it's something i remember from when i was really little.

i laid in bed a little bit longer and just listened and remembered what it was like when i would wake up at home and my mom had opened the windows and the breeze was blowing through the windows and i could hear the lawn mower in the background and for some reason just hearing those sounds made me feel completely at ease and i always got out of bed in a good mood...

when i was little i would have parties outside and my friends would come over and every single time my dad would be mowing the yard.. it was like he had to or something.

now, i'm not home anymore so i don't really get to hear those sounds anymore.. the windows down, lawnmowers, birds, and just the breeze coming through the window..

april is still my favorite month.. it starts off spring, baseball season, its finally warm enough to wear flip flops, leave the windows down and..mow the grass.
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06 April 2006 @ 07:03 pm
so this has been a really weird 2 weeks since spring break. it feels like they've gone by fast...but sometimes it feels like they're going by really slow. it's weird haha. last weekend was alot of fun.. i went to see failure to launch and hung out with my younglife girls and then saturday we slept all day and then played outside since it was sooo gorgeous and then saturday night i went to this show thing in maryville... it was horrible haha but the company was good.

anyways..ok so my computer has a virus and i dont know how to get it off. so if any of you are good with computers LET ME KNOW!!!!! i dont know how to fix it =( haha

oooh summer could not get here fast enough. i've got a really lazy attitude toward homework and i just don't care anymore..haha. oh, and i have officially stopped going to accounting. i'm just going to be taking that F and moving on. it's weird i have like all A's and an F. that just shows its the teachers fault not mine :) haha just kidding

ok well i'm rambling and this is SO pointless. hope everyone has a good weekend!!!!
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28 March 2006 @ 08:03 pm
wow it's been so long since i've updated that i don't even really remember what i'm doing.. haha

anyways, so my spring break was definately not what i had hoped it would be. i just went home to the boro and if anyone else stayed in TN, we all know the weather sucked. and just wasn't a good week for me but i won't go into details. it could have been much worse. i SHOULD hvae gone to the beach..thats what i SHOULD have done.. but it happens i guess.

this week i have so much to do it's not even funny. i'm fairly convinced that all the teachers got together and decided to assign everything this week. i have a german essay due tomorrow, a quiz in german, more homework in german, a WHOLE book to read by thursday, 7 chapters in another book by thursday, a test in anthropology thursday, english thing due on friday, that book for english, anndd i think that might be it. i hope. if there's anything else...it's just not going to get done!

so i looked at the weather and its FINALLY going to be warm this week!!!! although, it says its going to rain. uncool. i hate the rain it really depresses me. but on a lighter note, sunday night i went to quest for younglife and we only have 2 more weeks until we get placed at a high school.. SO EXCITED. haha but...

i hope everyones having a good week so far and i hope everyone had a really good spring break!!!
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13 March 2006 @ 11:03 pm
so today started off absolutely gorgeous.. i really really enjoy pretty days more so than i used to. in high school i guess i kinda just took them for granted but i just love a pretty day now. it automatically puts me in a good mood. i don't really have much to write about from today, i'll be honest i didn't really sit outside or anything today....but this weekend was beautiful and i DO have stuff to write about from then...

saturday morning i got up at like 630 and drove back to murfreesboro for the night. when i got home my best friend convieniently just got back from florida at the same time so we met up and let me just say, saturday was a kind of day i just live for. days like that make me so happy... first we went to mcdonalds for lunch and had a very very long conversation (we do all our talking about important things at mcd's lol) and then we went back to my house and played catch for like an hour or so then we sat outside on my back porch in the swing and talked for like 2 hours.... i love doing that. its the most peaceful thing, just doing nothing. i walked in my house sat. morning and my mom had all the windows open and the breeze was blowing through the house.. i love that.

anyways, later that night i just hung out with will after jade (my best friend) left and we did a whole lot of nothing but we sat outside on his trampoline looking at the stars and playing this stupid word game for like hours and it was really amusing (yes, kinda cheesy and rather 12 year old-ish but, it was fun) then we went for a walk, talked some baseball with his dad, and then watched a movie and fell asleep.

so this weekend was absolutely perfect. made me really want to do nothing for the rest of my life but chill and hang out. but like i said, days like those make me feel like that.. haha okay so this was a rambling entry and it might not make any sense but i'm on nyquill so give me a break. haha.. hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week! i'm gonig to bed listening to the rain....
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09 March 2006 @ 10:02 pm
hello everyone!

so today was really pretty outside! :) but, now its raining...so thats depressing. all my friends are in florida for their spring break and i'm not..so thats not very cool either. i OBVIOUSLY have nothing to say tonight.. haha, but i'm sooo ready for summer and constant warm weather...

so is it just me or is like everything just really boring these days?? it's definately probably just me... haha.. i'm going home on saturday because my brothers girlfriend has formal (we have high school sororities by the way... weird, i know) and i'm going to see them get presented (and they get presented at formals, not just a dance..also, probably weird) and see my best friend when she gets back from florida.

i've been SUPER lazy lately with school work..i've never really slacked off in my entire life with school and i definately am this semester. actually, not really, i still have good grades..just not in accounting. so i take all that back, i just slack off in accounting. i hate that class.. its HORRRIBLLLEE. but if any of you are really good at it.. that would be cool too if you want to help me :) haha.

well, i really have nothing else to say.. hope everyone has a really good weekend!!!
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28 February 2006 @ 08:59 pm
so today was absolutely GORGEOUS outside!!!! =)

i havent updated this in a very very long time... i appologize. this past weekend i went home.. i swear i dont go home all the time..just seems as if i update after i do. haha.. but anyways, it was awesome. hung out w/ the boy all weekend. we did a whole lot of absolutely nothing and played ping pong friday night..and hey, for a girl, i'm good. so yea. haha.. then saturday went to a softball game! (i used to play in case anyone cares? lol) but we went to see some of my friends play..made me miss playing... mmm other than that.. the weekend was very un-eventful...

oh, except saturday night we went to a bonfire..only i dont think it counts because they couldn't get any fires started except the one in this metal trash can... but anyways, this guy gets the bright idea to get a gasoline tank and throw it on the fire..well it of course makes the fire HUGE for a few seconds but during all this the gas can actually caught on fire so he drops it..and this other guy gets the even brighter idea to KICK the flaming gas can across the yard resulting in a 30 foot line of fire. it was worth the whole night. someone even called the fire dept. that lived next door.... it was interesting.

anyways, i went to the baseball game today. baseball season is seriously my favorite time of the year. i LOOVE it. i could watch it every single day. and the weather is getting pretty.. its just awesome. haha, but i'm done rambling today! hope everyone has had a good week so far! (its almost spring break!)
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15 February 2006 @ 10:38 am
so i'm putting off doing homework..AGAIN... i have a german oral exam in about 30 minutes that i haven't studied for. i NEVER put off homework and these past few weeks i feel like i have senior-itus all over again. i haven't wanted to do anything. i guess it's a good thing my classes aren't hard this semester...

anyways, this weekend was awesome! i went home again :) i actually left on thursday afternoon and missed both of my classes on friday. thursday i just watched the OC and hung out with my family. friday i woke up at 7:00 on my own... i was a little disappointed in that.. i mean i couldn't even go back to sleep. so i woke my brother up for school (yep, i was up before him and i didn't even have school) and then i got ready and killed ALOT of time just sitting around my house then about 9:30 i went to visit my mom and work and then i went shopping for lack of better things to do.. i went and ate lunch with will then went to his house all day and then we went to some "ghetto themed" party friday night.. i didn't enjoy it to much but whatever. on saturday i went shopping AGAIN and then had dinner with my parents at peulos grill (soooo good, everyone should go eat there) and then saturday night i went to see when a stranger calls with will..and let me just say, don't even waste your money. its probably the worst movie i've seen all year. but anyways, my weekend wasn't to eventful... i got nothing productive done..and i got no sleep!

so this entry is pretty pointless... i just don't feel like studying. hope everyone has a very good rest of the day and everyone needs to come to the basketball game tonight!!! :)
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09 February 2006 @ 04:47 pm
background information before you read this: i played high school softball all 4 years i was there...and went through 7 different coaches. now, for anyone keeping up...thats ALOT of coaches for 4 years...

okay, so it was my freshman year, about april, and i guess it was about mid-season at this point. we were already on coach #2 (and i'll spare the name because, well, its just not important) and we were undefeated. so, in order to "reward" us for all the "hard" work we'd done all season...coach decides to take us to atlanta for the weekend for a "bonding trip" so she strikes up the idea, tells the team, everyone gets excited...then she tells the parents. she informs the parents that the only 2 chaperones going with the 23 players would be herself and assistant coach #3 (also, her name doesn't matter). well i guess that would be the first mistake of the trip...i mean seriously 23 girls are hard to handle, but especially THESE 23 girls.

so that friday we all load up the cars and head out for atlanta. we had tickets to a braves game that night but we had planned on heading to the hotel, getting ready, going to eat, and THEN going to the game....well, that definately didn't happen. first of all we get there in time to walk up to our rooms, look in the mirror and see just how bad we all looked and walk downstairs to eat dinner and then barely make it in time for the begining of the game... however, although we were "rushed", the game ended up being fun and then of course, the fun started after the game.

we all went back to the hotel (which was a "very nice, expensive" hotel that we found out someone actually got shot in) and went back to our rooms. our coach, being the responsible person she was, headed straight to the bar. which in turn, left the 23 of us to do as we pleased. the first night was kinda calm...we spent hours riding the elevator up and down the 15 floors and running down the halls (for some reason, this was highly entertaining) when we all finally went to sleep..we slept for about 4 hours and then woke up to get ready for some six flags. well half the team decided that they didn't need to wear sunscreen no matter how pale they were in the 90 degree weather...so by the time the day was over half the team was a bright shade of red and counldn't stand to have a shirt on the rest of the night...

when we got back to the hotel after six flags we all kinda went our separate ways. the older girls decided it would be safe to walk to underground atlanta in the middle of the night, talking to the numerous crack addicts on the side of the road and returning when they felt like it. of course, coach didn't care, because she was still, in fact, at the bar attempting to lure in her next husband. the rest of the girls who decided to stay at the hotel entertained ourselves a while longer riding up and down the elevators some more, playing baseball with a sock in the rooms, getting numerous "noise complaint" calls on us.. but quickly we got bored with that...

ok, now i have to somewhat explain the layout of the hotel in order for the rest of the story to make sense... the balconys were faced to the INSIDE of the hotel rather than the outside. so they overlooked this sort of "conference room" type thing and were in perfect veiw of the resturants, gift shop, and the clear, glass elevators...ok so keep all that in mind.

me and the 3 girls i was staying with decided that since the 3 of them were SO incredibly sun burnt from the six flags outing that we were just going to stay in that night. so we decided to have what we like to call a "balcony party". so we stole the wine glasses from the room, bought a ton of coke (no nothing alcoholic...we were only freshman...and i don't drink.) and a huge box of fruit loops. so we all sat out on the balcony til the late hours of the night..talking about everything and anything, eating fruit loops, drinking out of our stolen wine glasses and nursing sunburns....

about 3:00 AM rolled around and it was to that point where EVERYTHING was funny...including throwing the left over fruit loops down into the conference room that the custodian was desperately trying to vaccumme but cereal kept mysteriously appearing... but anyways, we were sitting there a while longer and mid-sentence...my best friend looks up and just BUSTS out laughing... and points toward the elevators (which are glass, mind you) so we all look up and HA what do ya know...theres the MIA coach...with mystery man....swinging her top around her head.

apparenly coach had a little more fun than the rest of us did... not sure whatever happened to mystery guy, but i do know that it didn't take long for coach #4 to come along...of course that was after we finished up an undefeated season, won regionals, substate, placed 4th in the state AND won her coach of the year.....who would have ever though that SHE'D end up with a coach of the year plaque???

well..sorry that was so long! hope you all enjoyed it! hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!!!
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08 February 2006 @ 02:29 pm
so i'm putting off the tons of homework i have to do and writing on here instead. this isn't my "story like joe peacocks" entry though... just a personal blog thing i guess? haha.. anyways...

yesturday i stayed in bed for literally 20 hours. i went to bed at 730 on monday night and woke up sick on tuesday..and i'll spare you all the details of that, lets just say it wasnt very pleasant. so naturally i didn't go to one single class yesturday and i stayed in bed until about oooh 5:30 last night when i finally was going to get up to get dinner (my first meal of the day) but then decided against that after i stood up. so needless to say, yesturday was not the best day in the world for me.

tomorrow after class i'm going home...yes, again! i'm becoming the girl who goes home all the time. haha.. my roommates going home with me this time though so that should be exciting. maybe i'll have something exciting to tell everyone about on monday... but seeing as that murfreesboro doesnt really have much to offer....i doubt that.

well this is basically pretty pointless so i'm going to get to playing catch up and get some homework done before i head back to the boro tomorrow! hope everyone has a great rest of the day and a good weekend! see you all on monday!!!
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